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Smart-Prime Electronic Trap Primer

The 115 Volt “Smart-Prime” has been designed to be a truly plug and play floor drain trap priming assembly. This electronic priming assembly will deliver 2 ozs. of potable water to four floor drain traps every 24 hours.

Water conservation was a very important aspect in the design of this product.

This priming assembly consists of:
A sub-miniature solenoid valve, with timer, a physical air gap and a 6’ electrical cord. By incorporating the Precision Plumbing Products Distribution Units this assembly is capable of priming up to four floor drain traps. Distribution Units sold separately.


  • A sub-miniature solenoid valve
  • Physical air gap
  • 6' electrical cord with three prong outlet connection.


For the 24V and 220V options, the power supply cord will require a hard wire installation, as it will not have an outlet connection.

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